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October 26, 2022 | Marketing | Aubaine Wines

Winerabble On Our Founder, Andy Lytle

Huge thank you to Michele Francisco of Winerabble for her showcase of Aubaine Wine founder Andy Lytle.

“’I’m very excited to say that 2021 ended up being a perfect season. Coming off 2019 being a little cool, and the smoke of 2020, we really needed a good harvest, and we got it. Flower happened just at the end of the heat dome, so it did not negatively impact the fruit. We did notice an odd phenomenon we called “vine to vine variability,” where we had 10 perfect vines and then 1 or 2 with low yield shatter type fruit set, which made it tough to determine weights mid-season. Overall, we expected that quality would be high, but the yield could be low. After a warm summer and almost no traceable rain over the final 100 days, both the quality and the yield came in just perfect. We picked fruit about 10 days earlier than last year, with our final picks at the end of September, just before the rains arrived.’ -Andy Lytle”

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