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Aubaine Wines and the Anahata vineyard  take on honey!

We are excited to have teamed up with Emily Schmiedel, lead beekeeper for Jacobsen Salt Co. in 2019 to introduced 10 hives of Italian honeybees to the vineyard.  We couldn’t be happier with this addition to our ecosystem on property.  Not only do the bees play a key role in the beauty of the vineyard, they provide a nutritional value creating a sustainable natural environment for the long term health of the property.  A significant added benefit to having the bees on property … Honey!  A recommendation from Emily was to label the honey the same way we do our wines from the vineyard.  There is clearly some quality hues when stating that our honey is produced from a LIVE Certified, Single vineyard Estate from the Eola Amity Hills AVA.  The honey produced will be used to support non profits and will be available as a gift to at AtTheJoy and also available through our online stores for our wine programs Lytle-Barnett and Aubaine Wine.

Why Bees?

Bees play a critical part in creating a healthy ecosystem in the vineyard.  Bees are pollinators by nature.  They pollenate 100% of the local flora upholding our entire agriculture systems. 
Cover crop in the vineyards are made up of plants, grasses and flowers that are essential to the nutrition of not only the soil, but the vine as well.  Pollination of these cover crops create a healthy and sustainable vineyard directly contributing to the quality of the wine.   

​Sustainability naturally occurs with the presence of bees.  Pollinating the grass and flower areas between the rows creates a perfect environment for bugs and insects that protect the vines. These beneficial predators eliminate vineyard pests naturally, allowing the vineyard to sustain itself without the introduction of any form of chemical treatment in the vineyard.

The BeeHives of the Anahata Vineyards


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